Why investing in trailer lock?

Why investing in trailer lock?

You may see a lot of offers for different trailer lock at different price. Why is it important to invest in a trailer lock? At first, when your trailer is protected, you decrease the chance of being stolen and discourage the thief just to try to steal your goods. Also, with a good lock, you slow down robbers if they still try to take off the lock to steal your trailer.

You may now think, ok then why some locks are 20$ and other 200$, are these have all the same quality, the same level of protection? Are these all slowing down robbers and discourage them? Before taking the decision, you should ask yourself the value for you (money, personal effects and sentimental value) of your trailer and goods in it if applicable. If you don’t mind much, you have your insurance and you are comfortable with the risk, we suggest you to invest in a lock that is cheaper price, it will protect your trailer as it can be seen by thief, but the destruction time is very short as this type of lock can be defeated very fast, that’s why you have to be comfortable with the risk when you choose this type of protection.

On the other side, if you have a high value trailer and your goods are very important to you, we suggest you to invest in lock that offer a high destruction time and that has a solid cylinder lock made of high quality materials. The high-end locks are often more expensive as these are heavy duty made of specific high quality materials. With this high level of protection, you discourage thief as you have a lock on your trailer at first, but also because they will need time, specific tools and electricity to defeat the lock. These 3 facts are not very interesting for robbers as time usually play against them, so by seeing a high-end lock, they should go see another trailer that has no protection or a smaller one. If they still try to attempt your trailer, the destruction time of high-end lock is 40-50 times higher than cheaper one and the attempt theft will make a lot of noise that usually alert neighbour or just discourage robbers.

In conclusion, we suggest you to analyze your risk tolerance level, your insurance and the value of your trailer/RV including goods that are in it if applicable before making a decision about which lock you will choose. You should also appreciate the reviews from other customers that you can see directly on products on Amazon for example. Enjoy your lock shopping!!!

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